SMS Gateway

We are well recognised SMS gateway provider with single point connectivity to almost all operators around the world. We cover more than 205 countries and more than 700 operators providing you the widest possible coverage. We always strive to achieve the 100% delivery of messages ensuring smooth communication process between you & your SMSrecipient.

Through our platform & infrastructure, we have enabled businesses, government organizations and various entities to leverage the power of instant texting to inform, update, interact, share critical information, send alerts & notifications to their clients and subscribers. It helps in long run to increase repeat sales, acquire clients, increase loyalty, develop brand trust & recognition, and develop responsiveness through this easy, direct & personal communication which is not only instant but very cost effective.

We have a very wide coverage of almost 900 operators in almost all countries around the world. Please click here to download our service coverage.

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  • World-wide coverage and price based routing system.
  • Supports 7-bit, 8-bit and Unicode data (multi-language).
  • Supports long and concatenated messages.
  • Supports delivery report on SMPP/HTTP.
  • Support for multiple SMSC's.
  • Supports SMPP v3.4, v5.0
  • Web-client, to send single and bulk SMS.
  • Reports for viewing detailed information of sent SMS.
  • Unlimited storage of contact numbers in Groups and Distribution lists.
  • Accurate DLR Report.
  • Prepaid based accounting.
  • Ability to receive SMS from short codes defined on the SMSC.
  • Authentication and authorization mechanism for the user accounts
  • HTTP, SOAP API for developers.
  • User friendly, does not require any prior knowledge to use.

If you are based in the United Arab Emirates and willing to use your own brand name(s) as a sender id, you will have to fill this form and email it to us at, we will register your sender id and make it available for you to use.

Due to the nature of the business and the dynamism of the industry we are into, the country & operator wise coverage list keeps on changing. Please contact us for exact coverage list and pricing for each operator/country.

For any specific or large enquiry, please contact us mentioning the quantity and validity needed.

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