SMS Anti-Spamming Solution


The traditional SMS Anti-Spam solutions are built up to detect and block specific predefined keywords; but it won’t identify the SMS as spam if the spammer changes the content until the new keyword are changed/added manually. By that time, the spam SMS might reach a lot of subscribers.


Our solution is capable of providing the finger print of messages and compare it with what are identified as a spam from GSMA database. If the SMS got a spam fingerprint, the system will inform the operator’s anti-spamming solution to block, allow, or to take the appropriate action towards it.

LiveCode’s anti-spamming solution can utilize the SMS firewall blocking capabilities available at the operators side by integrating the solution via Diameter Interface (CMDI) to the existing Messaging firewalls in order to block the unexpected spam Messages. Nevertheless, LiveCode can provide its own firewall Messaging.


It is capable of updating the fingerprints data from GSMA database and sends it locally to the Operator’s systems continuously in order to have efficient comparison. In addition, the solution is capable of triggering the operator’s existing systems to send NAK or ACK to the submitter source depending on the identified SMS if it’s legitimist or not.

In addition, we designed this solution to interact with the subscribers, where they can forward the spam SMS to a local specific short code for the operator to take the appropriate action, such as blocking, allowing, monitoring…etc. via a user-friendly interface GUI to check the complaints and verify them.

What's more, the system provides the capability to allow a trusted specific spamming sources automatically without the need for manual verification.


We care about the Operator's subscribers data confidentiality, by preventing sharing the content of the subscribers nor their information, outside the operators’ Network.

Statistics and reporting

With a very powerful intelligent built in capabilities to generate statistics for every transaction, we help business team to create reports, analytics, trends, and build up their own targeted campaign and business model.

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